• Decompression chamber
    It contributes greatly to protection of the side point. This profile means a decompression chamber can be created outside the side point, thereby providing a preliminary barrier against, water, air and low temperatures, with no need for special milling cutter equipmtent.
  • Top sealing profile
    This is an innovative insulation system. It consists in a profile running along the top rail of the sash and resting on the listel. The sash and frame are therefore sealed thanks to this profile, featuring closed cells foam rubber.
  • Gaskets (heat-sealed)
    The gaskets, positioned on the perimeter of the moving sash are a vitally important factor in raising the performance ratings of windows and doors. The outer gasket, with its special form, enables sealing of the sash with the threshold.
  • New Uni-V component
    Revolutionary anti-burglar component, clean-line design, thanks to use of concealed screws. The Uni-V component is easy to install, and ensures generous working tolerances.

  • Climatech fibreglass-reinforced threshold

    This new fibreglass-reinforced composite-material threshold ensures optimal strength and excellent heat insulation together with optimal scratch-resistance.

    Climatech fibreglass-reinforced threshold

    This new fibreglass-reinforced composite-material threshold ensures optimal strength and excellent heat insulation together with optimal scratch-resistance.

    In other words, excellence

    The new Climatech project is the outcome of in-depth study and long field-testing activities, enabling standards which were once totally beyond the reach of Lift&Slide doors and windows. Very high thermal performance ratings. Accessories for the three types (68, 78 and 92 mm).

    Easy version, entirely in wood, ensures perfect insulation for the area.
    This is made up of two particularly robust thermoplastic profiles with excellent insulation characteristics, which provide excellent protection against water, air, low temperatures and noise optimal.

    Climatech excellence embodied in the performance ratings of an innovative Aluminium-Wood material, blending design and function. An effective barrier against atmospheric agents without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the doors and windows. Compatible with the most popular Aluminium-Wood profiles.

    Constructed with wooden strips, it ensures high resistance standards without compromising the aesthetic appeal.
    The brush creates a decompression chamber outside the side point: a preliminary barrier against water, air and low temperatures.

  • Good-looking & Practical

    Excellent performance ratings are guaranteed for these Lift&Slide doors and windows with low tracks, reduced top guide and central point with wooden gasket-bearing strip.
    This solution is indicated when windows and door accessibility must be optimized or when the principal requires a low track for aesthetic effect.

  • Low track
    Through synergic action with the new gaskets, and with the central pad, the low tracks also present optimal water-resistance performance ratings.
    This system enables construction of specific accessories for certifiable sliding doors with compartment.
  • Central point pad
    This rubber strip seals the central point with the threshold, thanks to its special form.
    It therefore provides an effective barrier against water infiltration.

    Active hi-protection finish

    High corrosion resistance even in the most inclement environmental conditions, due to high salt concentration in the air (coasts), to the atmospheric pollution and to humid rooms which take to develop condensate and moulds.


    Protects the metal by creating a first barrier which interposes
    itself between corrosion agents and product.


    Chromic passivation with nano particles of silica
    Actively acts with electrochemical reaction for the protection of the Zinc layer and thus the product.


    Active hermetic protection
    Organic-mineral chromating cover. Maintain the anti-corrosive characteristics even in case of thermal shocks and dynamic stress.



    Following collaboration with university research institutes, and with technology developed by one of the major paint producers worldwide − the new Activeage finish.


    Workshop tests carried out at institutes specialised in research into the protection of materials provide excellent results for resistance in salt spray test.