The closure point ensures a great security seal in any situation, thanks to the fixed head and the small support on the front strip plate.
    The new mushroom cam as standard permits vertical and pressure adjustment, making window adjustment operations easy.
    The espagnolette mechanism is hidden behind the front strip plate, thanks to the innovative latch system.
    The elegant lever of the sliding bolt integrated into the front plate is hidden when the window is closed.
    The mushroom cam as standard is a guarantee of greater security against housebreaking attempts.
    The level of security of the window can be customised using a combination of normal or anti-burglar strikers.
    ARTech components are designed to rationalise accessory stock levels and to maintain configuration versatility for various types of windows.
  • The advantages of ARTech strikers


    Range of strikers for Wood, Aluminium-wood and PVC

    Certified bearing capacity of
    up to 150 kg

    Even stronger
    The corner hinge has been strengthened at the main stress points to increase the bearing capacity.
    Version with and without 16/12 adapter available.

    ARTECH 150 Kg is available for:
    - Axis 9/13 mm
    - Gap 12 mm
    - Rebates 18/20 mm
  • Functional, right
    down to the last detail
    Centre-to-centre between the screw holes of the support designed to prevent shear plane and cracking of the wood grain.
  • Leading-edge technology
    The male part of the hinge has been manufactured with innovative automatic welding lines, conceived to ensure the welding quality of each item.
  • 150 kg standard product
    The standard hinges (two holes 34, no specific holding pins or elements, no supplementary screws in the lower part of the male part of the hinge) are certified.


    Active hi-protection finish

    High corrosion resistance even in the most inclement environmental conditions, due to high salt concentration in the air (coasts), to the atmospheric pollution and to humid rooms which take to develop condensate and moulds.


    Protects the metal by creating a first barrier which interposes
    itself between corrosion agents and product.


    Chromic passivation with nano particles of silica
    Actively acts with electrochemical reaction for the protection of the Zinc layer and thus the product.


    Active hermetic protection
    Organic-mineral chromating cover. Maintain the anti-corrosive characteristics even in case of thermal shocks and dynamic stress.



    Following collaboration with university research institutes, and with technology developed by one of the major paint producers worldwide − the new Activeage finish.


    Workshop tests carried out at institutes specialised in research into the protection of materials provide excellent results for resistance in salt spray test.